‘’Cossachok’’ is the first and only truly authentic Russian Restaurant in Scotland. With our help you will taste the most popular ethnic dishes of Russian and other cuisines. The cuisine’s allegiance to former Soviet Union culinary traditions is represented on the menu:


BORSCHT – is most popular soup in Russia. It’s slightly sour and filling taste is a great in winter to get warm and in summer to get refreshed. It’s definitely a well loved dish of Russian families all over the world.


GOLUBTSY – is an old Russian dish. Golubtsy represent a mix of rice and mincemeat wrapped inside cabbage leaves.


CHAKHOKHBILI – is a traditional Georgian dish of stewed chicken made with a special mix of herbs and spices.


PLOV – is a cult dish not only in its homeland Russia, but all over the world.


GOUVETCH – is one of the most famous Bulgarian typical meal with a very special history.


BLINIS – pancakes presented abundantly in traditional and all possible and impossible varieties.


               Restaurant ‘’Cossachok’’ is a real paradise for the sweets lovers! Winnie the Pooh is no longer sought after by just little ones, here it arrives the con miel way as a delightful honey-pot containing vanilla ice cream and almonds glazed with honey. Spectacular mouthwatering and delicate home-made cakes Kutuzov and Napoleon are always on offer.


             The striking quirky folk décor speaks for itself: red walls with original colourful paintings, handmade wooden furniture and Russian shawls covering the ceiling, producing an utterly unique, warm and vibrant atmosphere.


We are waiting for you to come and try our very special Russian menu!





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